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Project Summary

Our client operates the world’s largest nuclear generating station, which supplies nearly 30% of all generation for Ontario, Canada.  In 2015 they entered into a long-term agreement to provide 6,400 megawatts of electricity supply to the province through 2064 - a mandate so critical and demanding that a step-change in the enterprise approach to project delivery was needed. The objective was to provide integrated enterprise solutions to optimize project planning and delivery for the largest clean energy infrastructure project in Canada.   

Our Solution

Like many large-scale energy operators, our client’s continued safe and sustainable operation depends on the successful planning and execution of their Life Cycle Asset Management Programs.  Critical data is developed during the project lifecycle, and proper portfolio management means integrating Projects and Programs within the Portfolio and integrating that Portfolio with the multiple needs and demands of the Enterprise. Modus Project Services was deployed as a unique project integration services provider to integrate People, Process, Tools, and Methodologies to achieve our client’s goals. In order to deliver these mission critical objectives, Modus worked directly with the client to understand their specific business objectives, stakeholders requirements, organizational constraints and cultural considerations to customize a solution that works in lock-step with their business. To achieve this, we delivered the following integrated enterprise-level products:

  • Portfolio Management Capability

    • Analyzed Project Data across all the Source Systems to establish the Master Project List (MPL) for the Enterprise’s Portfolio.

  • Schedule Management Capability

    • Prepared Integrated Project Schedules with Enterprise Strategic Execution Plan (Master Schedule).

  • Cost Management Capability

    • Integrated processes and tools between Project Cost Management and Enterprise Investment Planning (Finance).

  • Enterprise and Project Management Organization (PMO) Integration

    • Analyzed Enterprise and Project Controls governance and performed process mapping, to identify conflicts and gaps.

  • Project Control Tools

    • Designed Enterprise (IT) Architecture, including software upgrades and configuration, Cloud migration, and custom tool integration for Estimating, Cost, Scheduling and Risk.

  • IT/CIO Management and Integration

    • Provided oversight of the IT Organization to ensure all business requirements to support Project Controls infrastructure have been implemented.

  • Vendor Management

    • Advised on Data collection methods from all the vendors on site, to support Enterprise Reporting requirements.

  • Engineering Management

    • Identified all the missing Projects in Cost and Schedule tools for engineering work that is part of the Portfolio. 

  • Enterprise Reporting

    • Deployed a Relational Database to provide SSoT (Single Source of Truth), with quality data, for the entire Enterprise Portfolio Reporting.


This customized solutions framework and the associated products provided by Modus have allowed our client to gain control of their program and integrate project data, information and performance into every aspect of business planning. It has facilitated the step change in project portfolio management and empowered them to make business decisions with confidence. They  continue to pursue an Enterprise Cloud Solutions to take advantage of emerging technology such as Data Lakes, Big Data Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning to simplify project planning and management.

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