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Using Technology to Support Organizational Change Management

This post is the latest installment in a Modus Group blog series addressing strategies for effective change management. You can find previous posts here and here.

We’re also introducing our new Project Bulletin, a format we’ll use going forward to share valuable information across our four pillars of expertise.

Organizational changes – creating a new organization, designing a new work process, or implementing new technologies – may never realize their full potential if individuals in your organization do not fully embrace the change.

Information surrounding change within an organization is often rolled out in large chunks that can blindside employees and create anxiety. There is no clear vision of the future state to allow employees the opportunity to acclimate to the changes, and no clear road map to get there.

Communication is a necessary and critical tool to combat fear of change. Download the project bulletin below to learn how you can use technology effectively to support organizational change communication.

MPS-OCM-001 Bulletin FINAL
Download PDF • 124KB

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